Jailbreak Achievements & Toplist


Earn a last request without losing HP

Unlocked by 83.71%

Prisoners Secret

Say the secret phrase in chat

Unlocked by 54.04%

Rookie Officer

Become a CT for the first time

Unlocked by 52.85%

Guard Killer

Kill at least 10 CTs by the end of the map

Unlocked by 43.69%

Perfect Escape

Win a round as a T with no killed teammates

Unlocked by 39.44%

Last Man Standing

Win a round being the only CT alive

Unlocked by 38.5%

Quick Killer

Kill 5 or more CTs with max 10 seconds between every kill

Unlocked by 33.1%

Way of the Samurai

Buy a katana and equip it

Unlocked by 32.16%

What a Surprise

Buy 'The Big Surprise' in JBshop

Unlocked by 31.89%


Kill 5 CTs with a tmp/deagle/mac10 without dying

Unlocked by 31.04%

Dead Killer

Kill an opponent with a grenade, while being dead

Unlocked by 28.64%

Officer's Pet

Earn a last request 3 times in a row

Unlocked by 25.49%


Kill 8 CTs in one round

Unlocked by 20.87%

Escape Master

Kill 3 or more CTs in the first 30 seconds of the round

Unlocked by 19.02%

Leyawiin's Mystery

Find and press all hidden buttons in Jail_Leyawiin as a T

Unlocked by 18.02%

LR Ownage

Win against 7 or more CTs during a last request

Unlocked by 16.78%

Living Jailbreak

Play Jailbreak for 200 hours

Unlocked by 14.17%

Sick Aimer

Kill 7 CTs in a row with a headshot

Unlocked by 12.5%


Win 5 rounds as a CT without dying

Unlocked by 12.11%

Mortally Wounded

Earn a last request while having 1HP

Unlocked by 9.62%


Win a 75k gamble

Unlocked by 9.19%

Sneaky Bastard

Kill CTs with your knife outside the last requests 250 times

Unlocked by 8.43%

Suicide Bomber

Kill at least 5 CTs with a bomb from JBshop

Unlocked by 6.34%


Kill 25 CT's with a gun, as a T in one map, outside LR

Unlocked by 5.19%

Prisoners Savings

Earn a total of 1,000,000 nD$ on the JB server, outside gamble & achievement rewards

Unlocked by 3.85%

Mastering LR

Win all LR game catagories 10 times each, being either a CT or a T (VIP LRs excluded)

Unlocked by 3.28%


Win 50 times in Rock-paper-scisscors

Unlocked by 2.61%


Buy 750 JB-shop items

Unlocked by 2.31%

LR Specialist

Earn 750 last requests

Unlocked by 1.4%

Mastering Jailbreak

Unlock All Achievements, and win 1 month of FREE VIP! Register on to claim it!

Unlocked by 1.09%